Sunday, 22 June 2014

consistency plus fun facts

Hi, first post in 3 years, exactly 3 yeras. i think that i will try giving this blog another chance this year.

and now fun facts:

Oxford university(1096) has been founded way before Aztec empire (1428).

Tomato and cucumber are  fruits, and in europien union, carrots are also fruits, and snails are classisfied as land fish.

if you look on this picture, colors will desipiere

Thank you for reading, i will be updating more often :)

Friday, 22 July 2011


Portal is a fpp game, created in 2007, but i got to play it for the first time recently. We are playing character called Chell, she is cute brunette in orange jumpsuit, we are equipped in portal device, witch allows us to create portal, all the time we are accompanied by artificial intelligence called GLaDOS (Genetic Life form and Disk Operating System), she is very colorful and funny character, she is also responsible for testing which are puzzles that we need to solve using portals.

This was completely new idea for me, and it changed my way of thinking, "Now you're thinking with portals" game said, and it is 100% true. Also portal is filled with humor, i was laughing to my computer while playing it, some jokes were normal and simple, like behavior of 'deadly' bots, to more dark humor when our guide tries to trick us into killing ourselves.

Only drawback in this game is its length, you could easily finish it in one day, good thing there is Portal 2 :) 

If you never played Portal you definitely have to try it, it is completely new view on fpp games plus lots of laughs.


Woke up today hungovered, thirsty and hungry as hell, after drinking tons of water and spending some time in shower decided to make some food. At this state my culinary creativity reaches its peak, some times it is a good thing, like today, but often i make something that is so awful that even thinking about it makes me nauseous.

Today i decided that i need something hot, and with eggs, you cant have real breakfast without eggs :)
Took 3 eggs, mixed them in bowl with some salt pepper, oregano, and about half of o shot of Tabasco about 15-20 ml. then chopped half of onion, and put it on heated pan with butter, after 1-2 min added some chopped sausage, waited few mins, then added eggs. Cooked it until it was good (i prefer softish scrambled eggs) then made 2 sandwiches with cheese.

At first i was like ok, it tastes like normal scrambled eggs with little tabasco, but then i felt its hotness, drank 2 glasses of milk with it and it was fine :)

I recommend this to everyone who like hot food, of course you can add anything that you like to eggs, oh and a tip somehow when tabasco is added to eggs they need a little higher temperature to cook properly.

Next time i will be cooking something fun i will take pictures and add it with recipe to blog.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Falling skies


Today i Want to write about a fairly new TV searies "Falling skies", produced by Steven Spielberg. Action of this sci-fi drama takes place in present times, six months after first alien atack. People are trying to survive in post apocaliptic world with no electronic devices and mad indywiduals who would kill them just to have their shoes.

Main character Tom Mason, played by Noah Wyle, is a former history professor who becomes second in command of of 2nd Massachusetts, he has three sons, that are also included in series.

Main female character is Moon Bloodgood played by Anne Glass, she was a  pediatrition but due circumstances she become second Massachusetts main doctor. There is alot more to write, but i don't want to spoil it for you.

Overall I liked it very much, but you have to remember, that i am a huge sci-fi fan (books, movies, series, anything). In my opinion show is quite realistic, i like how characters have to scavenge everything, food gas, weapons, vehicles, medicine, etc. it kinda feels like Mad Max with aliens :)  Effects are decent and plot gets really interesting. Only thing that i didn't like was acting, but who cares about acting in sci-fi :)
Almost forgot, i love how in opening child voice describes the invasion, it is kind of scary. 
Only 6 episodes came out so far so i recommend this series to everyone who has few free hours and like aliens.

Definitely will be watching it

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Bulletstorm take place in future, 500 years or so, you are playing as captain of spaceship / pirate / renegate Grayson Hunt. You and your crew were betrayed by evil character General Sarrano, game starts when your ship is near Sarranos ship and you decide to take revenge. Not going through details ship with your crew lands on a planet inhabited by angry mutants. and here the fun begins, while killing mutants could be fun on its own, designers of the game gave us literally hundreds ways to kill them, and more effective your kill gets, the more points you get, points can be later exchanged for new weapons or upgrades.

Game has also a lot of humor in it, i herd people compering Grayson Hunt to Duke Nukem well they both have lots of muscle, like women, fight ugly life forms and i am not sure about it, but i think they both smoke cigars.

Now about things i didn't like about it, game is very linear, there are lots of invisible walls and you can go only in one direction, its probably because it is transferred from consols... Another thing, and this is a big one for me, you cant jump, well in some situations you can, but only in places where you have to jump over something and game tells you that you can, it like game developers decided that if you would be allowed to jump maybe you could be able to get off the only right path.

overall Bulletstorm is a fun game for few hours, is is grate to blow off some steam, but it will get boring pretty fast.

on the other note, i created new logo for blog, and will slowly work on whole layout

also created twitter!/randomizer12

Monday, 18 July 2011

team fortres 2

As many of you might know tf2 started to be free to play on steam, it was awesome news for me, not so new right now, but maybe somehow someone skipped this info, also 'meet the medic' video came out, as they say the picture is worth a thousand words...

see you nex time :)

1st entry

Hi there. It is my first post at this blog, actually this is my first blog, so don't judge me too much, but some feedback is always appreciated :)  Content of this blog will be circulating around topics of my interest, mainly but not only games, music, politic situation in the world, and probably some more.
going to try writing something intresting today :)